Alex Eco Crafts Paper Making Kit

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ALEX Toys Eco Crafts Paper Making Kit teaches kids the art of paper-making with this all-inclusive kit. Make paper with and without a blender and recycle your new sheets to make more! Includes a wooden frame (9in. x7.3in.), plastic tray (9.6in. x 12.5in.), 8-sheets of construction paper (6.5in. x 4.5in.), glitter glue (0.2oz.), white glue (0.2oz.), sponge (4in. x 3in.), 2 plastic sheets (5.7in. x 7.7in.), raffia (55.11in.), silver glitter (0.7oz.), stencil (8.5in. x 5in.), tissue paper (0.6oz.), 6 colors of shredded tissue paper (3.65oz.), 6 wooden buttons, resealable bag (10in. x 12in.), 2 craft stick and easy instructions. Recommended for children 7 years of age and older.

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