Don't Laugh At Me by Allen Shamblin

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Do you wear glasses? Ever been picked last for the team? Afraid youí¢ä‰å??ll be called on in class?Doní¢ä‰å??t laugh at me. Doní¢ä‰å??t call me names.Have you laughed at someone else for the same reasons? Someone you thought was geeky or slow--someone different from you.Doní¢ä‰å??t get your pleasure from my pain.For anyone whoí¢ä‰å??s ever been bullied--or been a bully themselves--ití¢ä‰å??s time to change your tune. This is not a book for whiners, but a new language that will give you the words you need to take charge and stop the cycle of teasing.Filled with inspiration and celebration, Doní¢ä‰å??t Laugh at Me is the anthem for a new bully-free world. Read it, sing it, and cheer! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Operation Respect í¢ä‰å?ñDoní¢ä‰å??t Laugh at Meí¢ä‰?? Project.

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