Educational Insights Design & Drill Power Play Helicopter

by Educational Insights

Educational Insights Design & Drill Power Play Helicopter

Educational Insights

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Kids can zoom into build ä???í_í_í?í_Œ¢í_äóÁí_í‰í_?nä???í_í_í?í_Œ¢?í_Œ£?͌¢ play fun with Design & Drillí_í‚í_Œ¢í_Œ‚?Íí‰ Power Play Vehiclesä???í_í_í?í___í_Œ‚?͌¢! Your little engineers can build their copter by snapping the pieces together. Then, they can use the motorized mini-drill to add the bolts. Finally, itä???í_í_í?í_Œ¢?í_Œ£?͌¢s time to add artistic flair and customize their creation with colorful stickers, and zoom into creative STEM play! Once their chopper is ready to hit the skies, they can use kid-power to spin the blades and lift off!

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