Educational Insights Far Out! Solar System Mapping Tool

by Educational Insights

Educational Insights Far Out! Solar System Mapping Tool

Educational Insights

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Scale the solar system down to your school yardA fun, physical way to teach the solar system and the relative distances of the planets to the sun This sun-shaped reel houses 61 feet of tape with planets marked according to their relative proximity to the sun. Students choose a planet, find it on the tape, and stand next to it, creating a scale model of the solar system. Students instantly see and understand that some planets are closer to the sun, while others are much farther away. Far out Grades 2+ * Includes solar system measuring tape with 61 feet of planet tape, 10 downloadable planet posters with actual NASA images, and teacher's guide with lesson plans * Teaches measurements, proximity, and solar system; teacher's guide contains lesson plans * Whole-class activity

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